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I) Staffing Services:

There is tremendous talent available across the globe but many a time it does not get recognized and captured by way of placement job boards and applications received through advertisements and job posting. Zeroing on and finding the right fit whether it be for a temporary or permanent position can require a good deal of time and effort and often distracts managers from focusing on what they do best—managing. Staffing services can help companies meet their staffing needs while focusing on optimizing their business and ROI. We cater to and provide resources primarily for the IT sector in various technologies, especially focussed on:

ERP (Oracle / SAP)
Web (.NET / J2EE)
Admins (DBAs & Sys Admins)
Others (Quality, BI/DW & On Demand)

Placement Services: We provide resources specific to your requirements on a one time permanent placement basis. We can do a industry wide, company targets, location based and role specific search to meet your specific resource needs and ensure that they are made available. All this comes with quick turn-around times, ensuring that the prospective candidate meets the hard technical skills and soft cultural needs of the company. Our charges vary as per levels of experience.

Staff Augmentation: We provide resources on a sub-contract, to be deployed specifically for the need (Technology) of the clients as per the duration (quartely/halfyearly/yearly) & locations (Domestic & International). Charges would be as per accepted rate card. Resources would be made available within a maximum of two weeks from confirmation. Ancillary services, like BGV (Background Verification), Re location, travel & accommodation etc., would be taken care of.

Executive Search: Our specialization is in closing most difficult position across industries and domains where other executive search firms, would normally give up. We have a very strong head hunting team for senior levels and for industry specific searches. We are sector specific and focussed on IT.

RPO: Need a team, and not just a resource – we can not only identify and deploy the entire team, but also manage the process of screening, recruiting, on boarding, payroll and managing the resources.

II) Our Approach

In these times, where the only real assets of any company are its people, the choice and selection of the team cannot be “outsourced” to a generalist consulting firm. The success of a project, depends on the appropriate team and their availability in time. Right & Ready Resources.
Staffing & Recruitment is a specialised service, and it ought to be managed as a speciality and not as a commodity service, which unfortunately has become the norm in most of the service providers approach.
Typically a generalist approach in recruitment has a one-man army kind of an approach, where the entire life-cycle of recruitment is handled in the name of “end-to-end’ recruitment by a single person. This approach gives no room for creating specialists and process orientation, as it then becomes purely person-dependant. Star Recruiters rule the roost and the rest of the team lags and sometimes even hinders the delivery.
Our process driven “Service Delivery” approach has a ‘Specialist” approach, where a Key Result Area (KRA) in Recruitment’s entire life-cycle is broken down into various process components (Key Process Area), each process is then handled by a specialist/teams, trained, managed and measured on the “service levels” laid down by the goals (KPI-Key Performance Indicators), all synchronised and orchestrated seamlessly towards achieving, managing and optimising the KRA’s objectives.
This results in a team based, process oriented, technology focussed, metrics driven approach similar to the robust Software Development processes, in short “People, Process & Technology”
This is what differentiates us from the person-driven, end-to-end recruitment handled by individuals.
Our Key Differentiators:
  • Technology Validation
  • Background Verification
  • No Show Management
  • Resource Management
  • Automation & E-Recruitment
  • Process Orientation
  • Service Delivery Focus

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