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AI Won’t Replace Humans — But Humans With AI Will Replace Humans Without AI

Harvard Business Review,

“The New World of Work”, HBR editor in chief Adi Ignatius sat down with Lakhani to discuss,

  • How executives and regular employees can (and must) develop a digital mindset
  • Change management as a critical skill that must be in the DNA of any successful organization
  • The shapes AI may take in the near and far future

Which Jobs Will Be Most Impacted by ChatGPT?


Jobs Most Impacted by ChatGPT and Similar AI Models

  • This infographic from Harrison Schell visualizes the March 2023 findings of OpenAI on the potential labor market impact of large language models (LLMs) and various applications of generative AI, including ChatGPT.

DropBox Virtual First Toolkit


DropBox Goes Remote

  • 🌱 We’re designing a more enlightened way of working—virtually. Now that we’re a Virtual First company, we’re extending this philosophy further. In this toolkit, you’ll find practical, virtual-friendly exercises—from setting better goals to improving your team’s well-being—to help you thrive in distributed work. Whether you’re fully remote or working from home, we hope they help you and your team stay effective, connected, and well.
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