Success Story: Executive Hiring for a Leading Accessibility-Focused Product Development Company

Client Profile:

Our client, a US-based leader in accessibility-focused product development and services, was on a quest to expand their global footprint. Renowned for their cutting-edge solutions in making digital platforms accessible for all, they required a dynamic leader to spearhead their India development center.


The need was specific and multifaceted: a Senior Executive at a CxO level, specifically a Chief Operating Officer (COO), equipped with a unique blend of skills—expertise in software development, a background in entrepreneurship, experience in managing large multinational corporations, proficiency in hiring, and deep technological acumen.

Our Approach:

Understanding the gravity and specificity of the role, we initiated a comprehensive process:

  1. Deep Deliberation: We engaged in detailed discussions with the client to precisely understand the mandate and sculpt the ideal job description, focusing on key skills and experiences essential for the role.
  2. Targeted Search: Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in executive search, we embarked on a mission to find a candidate who not only met the criteria but also shared the client’s vision and ethos.
  3. Swift Execution: With a proactive and strategic approach, we streamlined the search and selection process, ensuring efficiency without compromising on the quality of candidates.


  • Record Time Placement: In less than 45 days, we successfully identified and onboarded the ideal candidate, significantly faster than the industry standard for executive-level placements.
  • Perfect Match: The selected COO was a quintessential blend of all requisites—bringing a wealth of experience in software development, a proven track record in leading large teams, and a deep understanding of technology.
  • Strategic Leadership: The newly appointed COO was poised to drive the India center’s growth, aligning with the company’s global standards and objectives.


This success story underscores our ability to understand and fulfill complex, high-level executive hiring needs swiftly and effectively. The placement of a COO with such a diverse and elaborate skill set within a challenging timeline stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence in executive search services.

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